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marche Hotel

Adult class

hotel marche

Adult class

Morning, afternoon and evening schedules. Big swimming pool. 28°
Time spent in water 60 minutes

55 minutes group lessons
30 and 60 minutes private lessons
From September 2020


Beginners swimming course starts with approach to water for the first time and then learning how to float. After this level is over, keep on with flutter kick and stroke coordination, both freestyle and back stroke styles. At this point, freestyle side breathing technique together with flutter kick ans stroke coordination will be taught. Lessons are conducted in the big swimming pool, and thanks to this, beginners will be working on vertical and horizontal floating techniques in deep water.


Intermediate swimming course aims to improve and enhance the freestyle and backstroke techniques learnt in the previous course, and will go on teaching the breaststroke technique.Will start also aerobic and muscle strengthening, focusing mostly on legs and arms workouts, with the assistance of swimming board and paddles.


This is the last adult swimming course, where dolphin style technique will be taught. The three, previously learnt swimming styles will be enhanced. The instructor will create exercises focused on aerobic and strengthening training. At this level free-diving elements will be introduced, as well as who to turn for each swimming style and show also the rescue techniques in water as well as diving.



Via Ancona 100 - 60035 Jesi (An)
Tel. +39 0731 211061
Fax +39 0731 57221
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Hotel Federico II info

    italyVia Ancona 100, 60035 Jesi (AN)
    Marche region, Italy
    Tel. +39 0731211079
    Fax. +39 073157221
    P.Iva 01551720426
    Società diretta e coordinata
    dalla Soc. FRAPI S.p.a. in Jesi
    C.f.: 00357800424

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