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What is it? A traditional practice of Scandinavian countries (especially Finland) it helps the body's health and longevity, psychophysical well-being, peaceful and relaxing sensation at the same time.
How to use it? It is done in a wood coated booth where a dedicated stove brings the heat from 80° to 100° degrees. The dry heat ( humidity around 10- 15%) and the high temperature, provoke an intense body sweating causing pores dilatation, toxins elimination, improvement of the muscular tone and clear cardiovascular benefits. Before using the sauna it is advisable to stay for a while in the tepidarium, have a shower to get your skin pores ready, not to wear synthetic or acrylic swimsuits, bangles, necklaces, watches and so on. Simply, the towel provided at the reception desk or the disposable swimsuits provided by the wellness centre, or your own cotton ones. The first session should not be longer than 10 minutes. On the contrary, the first times, it is better to avoid also the steam emanating from pouring the aromatic water on the stove's hot stones, because the air will immediately become hot and humid, might annoy you: in this case it suffices not to pour water on the stove's stones. For as much as, in the sauna the heat is higher on the booth top part, is better to almost lying down. A stand up position creates a dangerous heat imbalance whereas a sitting position will prevent the blood circulation to the heart. To avoid any dizziness, before exiting, get up from the lounger very slowly. Once out, take a cold shower (for instance a cold fog treatment or you can rub up your body with ice chips) that will bring the body temperature at normal levels. Afterwards wrapped up in the bathrobe or towel, lay down on a relaxing lounger for about 15 minutes. You go back to the sauna for a second session, around 10 -15 minutes, being careful in repeating the same precautions and the relaxing stage.
Benefits: the sauna temperature is suitable to cure chronic rheumatism, to relieve arthritis pains and above all to strengthen the immune system, preventing inflammations, flues and colds. It detoxifies the organism making the skin glowing and velvety, facilitates relaxation and night rest. It improves blood and lymphatic circulation, strengthen bones and joints, cures contractures and rheumatism, facilitates bronchus and lungs dilatation, and relieves respiratory system diseases such as asthma and sinusitis. To conclude, stimulating the serotonin production, it balances the mood bringing on a pleasant sensation of psychophysics relaxation.
Precautions: a saunas’ dry heat has profound effects on the body. Before Undergoing for the first time, ask your family doctor for advice. To avoid soon after meals or a long fast period. Before, during and after the treatment do not take any alcoholic, stimulating or sugary drink. Mineral water, juices and infusions are to be preferred, especially after the treatment. In the Turkish bath please don't use any acrylic garments or swim suits, only the bath towel provided by the hotel or the disposable swimming suits provided by the wellness centre or your own cotton swimming suits.
Contraindications: people suffering from high or low blood pressure should avoid this treatment. The sauna is not advisable during pregnancy, women's period and for people suffering from cardio vascular and respiratory system diseases.

Bio sauna (booking only)

What is it? The bio sauna is a treatment that, with a unique stove with integrated steamer, spreading aromatic or officinal herbs scents, creates a milder temperature (50-60 degrees) and a higher humidity (50%) compared to the classic (or Finnish) sauna. These features, create inside the bio sauna a relaxing bio climate, ideal to slowly warm up the body, inducing a beneficial cardio circulatory exercise and a pleasant detox of the respiratory system, skin and hair. The bio sauna is a mild steam bath and is suitable for those who prefer herbal baths and don't suffer high temperatures. Timing and precautions same as for the classic sauna.

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  • Pasqua a Jesi



    fuga romantica

    Per il primo fine settimana di primavera, vi proponiamo un “Weekend Speciale” di relax, buon cibo e momenti per due.
    Vi offriamo:

    check  L’aperitivo di benvenuto nel giardino del nostro american bar
    check Il pernottamento in una delle nostre migliori camera matrimoniali
    check La ricca colazione a buffet con prodotti freschi da forno e stuzzicanti delizie
    check Il pranzo di Pasqua: un menù speciale della Chef Giulia D’Urso, servito nel nostro Ristorante "La Rotonda", bevande comprese

    da € 90,00 a persona

    Inoltre sempre compresi nell'offerta:

    • Il libero accesso alla piscina semiolimpionica interna
    • L’ingresso alla palestra con circuito cardiotonico ed isotonico
    • connessione internet wifi in tutti gli ambienti
    • Il parcheggio

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