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Ancona wellness centre


centro benessere anconaMassage is body and mind restoration, is the transmission of deep feeling, is intuition and listening, is having respect for the other, and is going back to an immediate and authentic communication among people, where verbal language is put aside.

The fingers pressure on the temples, thumbs making pressure on the back, hands that gently touch the naked body, as the hands of a mother touching his baby. Those are spontaneous gestures to turn to, to find relief from a pain medications often cannot heal. The hand is able to bring new vitality to the body, to replace pain with pleasure, to restore an upset balance, both physical and psychic.

Massage executes its function in the exact spot where it is performed, but the benefit has a global effect. There is nothing better than a massage to reactivate the stalled energy, when for example, we realize we have contractions and we feel exhausted and tired.

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On the body lever the massage produces several effect with the activation of important physical and biochemical reactions:
  • Metabolism stimulation
  • Reactivation of blood and lymphatic circulation systems
  • Reducing muscular tension
  • Overall tone-up action thanks to the improved conditions of muscle nourishment
  • Drives away toxins
  • Improved tissues oxygenation, that will generate energy with little lactic acid production
  • Balance of hormonal levels

The massage determines a blood vessels dilatation, increasing therefore blood circulation. At the same time with the activation of the lymphatic and blood vessels circulation, it facilitates the muscle pain reduction. The massage determines also a balance of the hormonic levels and an improvement of tissues oxygenation, after driving away toxins.

With the massage our mind will regain the body that is in need to be rediscovered, healed, touched and pampered. During the massage the mind gets in a deep connection with the body, and the body is ready to be lead through peaceful places. It helps to forget about tensions, fears, worries, it helps reducing anxiety. After a good massage, deliver by skilful hands in a peaceful environment, with good music and scented oils, our "body self" and even more our "mind self" will be once again, one thing, ready to face life's problems, well knowing that when in need a massage will renew the magic and restore the balance.

Miorilassanti  centro benessere jesi

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Massage for two  centro benessere jesi

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  • Fuga d'autunno


    fuga romantica

    E’ arrivato l’autunno e, per un po’ di tempo solo per voi, l'Hotel Federico II vi offre:

    check Il pernottamento in un'accogliente camera matrimoniale
    check Le ricche colazioni servite in camera fino a tardi o a buffet, con prodotti freschi da forno e stuzzicanti delizie
    check Le raffinate cene à-la- carte con 4 portate a scelta dal menù del giorno nel nostro Ristorante "La Rotonda"
    check I due ingressi alla SPA del Centro con Percorso Benessere completo di 90 minuti comprensivo di: Tepidarium, Bagno Vapore, Sauna/Biosauna, Thalasso, Doccie emozionali, Fontana ghiaccio, idromassaggio con acqua salina
    check L’area relax con tisaneria e chaise-long
    check Un trattamento di 50’ al melograno e kiwi, antiossidante e rassodante per una pelle giovane elastica e idratata dalla magnetica profumazione di melograno: Scrub, Massaggio viso con latte d’asina e Massaggio corpo con olio caldo.


    € 230,00 per coppia

    Inoltre sempre compresi nell'offerta:

    • Utilizzo del Kit Benessere
    • Accesso alla piscina semi-olimpionica interna
    • Ingresso al centro Fitness con attrezzature all'avanguardia
    • Collegamento internet WiFi
    • Ampio parcheggio

Hotel Federico II info

italyVia Ancona 100, 60035 Jesi (AN)
Marche region, Italy
Tel. +39 0731211079
Fax. +39 073157221
P.Iva 01551720426
Società diretta e coordinata
dalla Soc. FRAPI S.p.a. in Jesi
C.f.: 00357800424

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