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Jesi hotel How to reach the hotel Jesi is located in the hinterland of Ancona district, along Esino river valley, 8 km from Ancona nord high way exit toll and from Falconara airport. The region capital city and the sea are at about 20 km from the town. Our hotel is located just outside the town premises (Jesi Est exit from Ancona-Rome motorway), 1.5 km from the town centre, over a hill overlooking a well arranged urban areas to welcome industries and artisanal businesses.

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Jesi itinerary

Jesi town centre, home town of Frederick II holy roman emperor and of the musician G.B. Pergolesi, with its thousand-year old city walls, and architectural jewels such as palazzo Della Sangria (1486), palazzo Ricci (1543), palazzo Colocci (XVII sec.) Palazzo Pianetti, house of the town civic art gallery that keeps some of the masterpieces of the Venetian painter Lorenzo Lotto, Pergolesi Theatre (1798), with an interesting fall opera season, symphonic and prose seasons (winter).

Not to be missed: Clementino Arch, San Nicolò church,  Pergolesi square and statue, Madonna delle Grazie Sanctuary,  San Giovanni Battista church, palazzo Pianetti and town civic art gallery, G.B. Pergolesi theatre, town hall building, palazzo Ricci, palazzo Colocci, Torrione di Mezzogiorno, San Pietro Apostolo church, old palazzo Pianetti , palazzo Della Sangria, palazzo Ripanti and Diocesan museum, San Floriano complex, palazzo Baldeschi-Balleani, the Cathedral, palazzo Honorati, Torrione del Montirozzo, San Marco church.

Itinerary: Jesi - Castelbellino - Monte Roberto - Maiolati Spontini - Cupramontana

Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi wine cellars tour. Lovely medieval villages. Castellbellino (XII and XVI centuries); Monte Roberto with its XV century town walls; Maiolati Spontini San Giovanni church preserves the remains of the famous composer who lived between '700 and '800 and portrayed on a medallion by Canova, as well as the Spontini museum. Cupramontana home town of the Verdicchio wine, its town hall building hosts several impressive '400 artworks and some Pinturicchio schools paintings.

Itinerary: Jesi - Eremo di Fonte Avellana - Sassoferrato - Fabriano - Grotte di Frasassi

Going on, there are the Frasassi caves, Italy's most impressive cave natural concretions. Keeping on the ancient town old Fabriano, with its central square, trunk of architectural beauties dating back to 1200 and some buildings dating back to 1600. A visit at the paper museum would be very interesting. Not far from Fabriano, stands Sassoferrato with Sentinum (ancient roman town) archaeological park to then proceed to Fonte Avellana retreat.

Itinerary: Jesi - Ancona - Portonovo - Sirolo - Numana - Loreto - Recanati - Castelfidardo - Osimo

Very interesting is the itinerary from Jesi to Osimo, Castelfidardo with its Accordion museum, Recanati with the memories of the poet Giacomo Leopardi and the museum dedicated to the opera singer Beniamino Gigli and therefore Loreto with its infamous Cathedral, destination of believers from all over the world. Keep going through the Conero Riviera, Portonovo, Sirolo, Numana, and before going back, a stop in Ancona with its ancient St. Ciriaco cathedral and the old city, laying on the sea, one of the most important harbour for the east.

Itinerary: Jesi - Urbino - Rocca di Gradara

Another interesting tour would be in Urbino, hometown of the painter Raffaello Sanzio and trunk of architectural treasures of the Renaissance period, reaching its highest point with palazzo Ducale, also home of the Marche region National art gallery. If you still have time, you should visit Gradara fortress with its 14th century surrounding walls and its innate fascinating atmosphere, recalling the love story of Paolo and Francesca as written by Dante, which made Gradara a kind of lovers’ town.

Itinerary: Jesi - Cingoli - San Severino Marche -Camerino - Tolentino - Macerata

Another interesting tour among the wavy hills of the Marche region could be: Cingoli "the Marche region terrace", a town that mixes to the beautiful landscaped a rich and well preserved historic town centre. Let's go to S. Severino, town of roman origins, rich in monuments and hometown of prominent figures: from the anatomist Bartolomeo Eustachio, to the painters Lorenzo and Jacopo Salimbeni, Lorenzo D'Alessandro, the sculptors Biagiali and Rosa, the architect Oleandri. You will arrive in Camerino, città risalente al periodo neolitico ed antica Università delle Marche, scrigno di tesori medioevali e rinascimentali. Tolentino, town dating back to the Neolithic period and ancient university of the Marche region, trunk of treasures of the mediaeval and Renaissance periods. Tolentino medieval town, well known for the frescoes of the so called Cappelone Della Basilica (xiv century). The fresco is a unique cycle that is still object of studies and comments from experts, offering an incomparable vision. Then you arrive in Macerata. The town offers a compact historical town centre with buildings, churches and squares well merged together. University town since 1290, rich in art works and with the "Sferisterio" most important town monument, seat of opera season in summer.

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