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jesi Sport centre

Hydro bike

hotel marche Federico II Hotel’s swimming centre is organizing new hydro bike classes.

The benefits:
  • water workouts allow to make a physical strain maintaining low heartbeats: the cardio-frequency reduces up to 10% compared to normal workouts;
  • thanks to water, one takes advantage of the hydrodynamic principle, without straining and loading on the joints and back;
  • higher calories burn (1hour bike outside water burns around 700Kcal and in water about 1350Kcal), loose weight, given also by the lack of body heat inside the water;
  • reduction of gluteus and tights adipose tissue, toning of the large muscle group ( especially tights and gluteus);
  • improvement and enhancement of aerobic resistance ( which means loosing weight and improvement of the cardiac and respiratory systems);
  • Water massage and the consequent benefits of water contact
  • valid rehabilitating tool.


Day Shift Timetable Shift Timetable Shift Timetable Shift Timetable Shift Timetable
Monday from 9:30 am from 1:30 pm from 2:15 pm from 7:15 pm from 8:00 pm
Tuesday from 10:45 am from 1:00 pm - - from 8:15 pm
Wednesday from 9:30 am from 1:30 pm from 2:15 pm from 7:15 pm from 8:00 pm
Thursday from 10:45 am from 1:00 pm - from 7:15 pm -
Friday from 9:30 am - - - -
Saturday from 10:15 am - - - -

* The course will be activated on reaching the minimum number of participants established.
For all info about fees and proper clothing, please contact the reception desk at:
+39 0731 211061.

Booking necessary.
hotel marche


Via Ancona 92 - 60035 Jesi (An)
Tel. +39 0731 211061
Fax +39 0731 57221
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    Hotel Federico II info

    italyVia Ancona 92, 60035 Jesi (AN)
    Marche region, Italy
    Tel. +39 0731211079
    Fax. +39 073157221
    P.Iva 01551720426
    Società diretta e coordinata
    dalla Soc. FRAPI S.p.a. in Jesi
    C.f.: 00357800424

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