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Marche Hotel

Infants swimming course

hotel marche

Infant course (up to 36 months old)

Every Sunday morning, 30° water, - 30 minutes lessons with parents
From October 2020

 The main goal of the baby swimming course is the baby well-being, thanks to his needs understanding and fulfilment in a water. Since babies, children have a good relationship with water. They are not afraid, on the contrary they soak in very naturally. It is rare that before having 1 year old a baby in uncomfortable in water. During his first year, the baby has no fear of drowning. In his first 6 months he has an unconditional reflex: he immediately stops breathing as soon as he touches the water. This allows him to immerse for few seconds without any danger. His mum and dad have to be very close to him, to comfort him and to sustain him (above), so then the apnea game becomes funnier. To do so, our main focus is the relationship mother-child. The mother, especially during the baby first months, represents the baby's world and having the baby to have such experiences without taking into account such bond, means not to respect the "couple" needs with the consequent unfulfillment of their needs.

Being consistent to what has been told up to now, we think that the most important stimulation, that hold all the sensations that might come from the water, is the body contact with the mother or parent. The skin represents the boundary between us and the outside world, allowing us to create connections. The emotions can be expressed from the skin, through a pleasant body contact from which we can receive well-being, comfort, happiness and love. Manipulations, massages, cuddles, that help feeling the water resistance, immersions, are all stimulations used to recall the swimming reflections that with the baby's psychophysical growth, become propelling movements.

That said, let's go on to the second main purpose of this course, in other words the sensory and motor stimulation, coming from the water context. Those are not real swimming movements, so that by doing so children are not able to float by themselves and need always someone who help them breathing. When 4 or 5 months old infants do not have an innate swimming ability, but this period is very important both for the infant-water relationships and for his whole growth that will avoid those fears, that usually show up around his first year. There are several tools and means to do so: games, caresses, love and it will be the instructor, in the water next to the parent to advise and propose activities without interfering in the parent-child relationship. The purpose is to make the infant becoming independent, to make him play up to have him learn how to float and swim.

hotel marche


Via Ancona 100 - 60035 Jesi (An)
Tel. +39 0731 211061
Fax +39 0731 57221
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